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Match Day 25th June 2022

The Northern Cricket League Review

It is the 10th round of matches for the Northern Premier Cricket League.
Vernon Carus gained their first win in the Northern Premier League, there are also wins for leaders Garstang, Chorley Leyland and Netherfield with Fulwood and Broughton having a winning draw against Blackpool

Fulwood & Broughton v Blackpool

Fulwood & Broughton won the toss at the Highfield ground in this 90 over game and chose to bat first, Ewen Mansford and Matthew Smith gave them a good start with a partnership of 48 which ended with Mansford being bowled by Matthew Grindley for 8 (35 balls) 48-1

Sonal Dinusha came in at three and with Smith moved the total to 102 when Smith fell caught by Dylan Henshall off Kasim Munir for 74 (77 balls) 102-2, Ben Parkinson joined Dinusha but on 14 (37 balls) he was caught by Matthew Grindley off Ali Munir, 147-3

Ali Munir struck again soon after having Zach Proctor caught by Joshua Boyne for 2 (11 balls) 151-4, Muhammad Zaid replaced Proctor but was out lbw to Dylan Henshall for 9 (9 balls) 172-5

Lewis Wellings was next in but was out for 6 (4 balls) lbw to Joshua Boyne, 179-6, Sonal Dinusha's innings came to a close caught by Joshua Boyne off Dylan Henshall for 66 (61 balls) 187-7

Dylan Henshall then mopped up the tail, first Teddy Gipson bowled for 3 (11 balls) 188-8, next Jon Fenton caught by Kasim Munir for 2 (6 balls) 193-9, finally trapping Dom Jackson lbw for 3 (11 balls) to close the innings on 202 in 45 overs, Chris Brookes remained undefeated on 3 (8 balls)

The Blackpool wicket takers were Dylan Henshall 5-45 from 9 overs, Ali Munir 2-44 off 9, Kasim Munir 1-25 from 4, Matthew Grindley 1-31 off 13 and Joshua Boyne 1-52 from 10

The Blackpool openers Kasim Munir and Tomas King took the score to 30 when both were out, Tomas King was the first to go bowled by Jon Fenton for 16 (29 balls) 30-1, Munir followed caught by Sonal Dinusha off Chris Brookes for 8 (31 balls) 30-2

Dylan Henshall and Joshua Boyne were the two new batsmen Boyne fell caught by Dom Jackson off Jon Fenton for 1 (6 balls) 31-3, things did not improve for the visitors as Stuart Ashford was caught behind by Ben Parkinson off Jon Fenton for 0 (13 balls) 47-4

Ben Howarth joined Henshall and they began the revival moving the score to 101, Dom Jackson took the vital wicket of Dylan Henshall caught behind by Ben Parkinson for 49 (53 balls) 101-5

Jake Muncaster was the new batsman but lost Howarth caught by Dom Jackson off Sonal Dinusha for 24 (51 balls) 109-5, Kawsar Ahmed came in next but with only eleven runs added Muncaster was lbw to Sonal Dinusha for 12 (15 balls) 120-7

The visitors were in trouble with nearly 12 overs remaing and only three wickets in hand, Matthew Grindley replaced Muncaster and was bowled by Dinusha for 0 (5 balls) 124-8, Kawsar Ahmed follwed caught by Muhammad Zaid off Sonal Dinsha for 9 (18 balls), 127-9

There were over seven overs remaining and Paul Danson 12no (31 balls) and Ali Munir 4no (20 balls) saw the visitors close on 147-9 in their 45 overs.

Sonal Dinusha took 4-42 from 14 overs, Jon Fenton 3-36 off 13, Chris Brookes 1-20 from 6 and Dom Jackson 1-38 off 10

Leyland v Kendal

Leyland won the toss at the Stanning Memorial ground and elected to bat first, Jacob Wright and James Rounding opened but with the total on 20 Wright was caught by Rongsen Jonathan off Harry Lee for 13 (22 balls), 20-1,

Nasir Nawaz was in next and with Rounding put on 34 runs when Rounding was caught by Alec Carradus off Matthew Park for 24 (53 balls) 54-2, Kurtis Watson was in at four but on 18 (30 balls) he was caught behind by Sam Fletcher off Matthew Park, 104-3

Karl Cross joined Nawaz and they were going along nicely until Matthew Park trapped Nawaz lbw for 60 (61 balls) 139-4, Nathan McDonnell replaced Nawaz but fell stumped by Sam Fletcher off Matthew Park for 1 (4 balls), 141-5

No 7 was Andrew Makinson but soon lost his partner Karl Cross 18 (28 balls) caught by Chris Miller off Rongsen Jonathan, 143-6, Makinson then fell to the same combination caught Miller bowled Jonathan for 5 (14 balls) 148-7

The Miller Jonathan combination accounted for Andrew Jacques for 1 (10 balls) 149-8, Iain Critchely and Ben Weaver made a stand of 23 which was broken by Matthew Park taking his fifth wicket having Weaver caught for 3 (17 balls) 172-9

The innings came to a close on 176 in 45.4 overs with Iain Critchley caught by Darren Nightingale off Rongsen Jonathan for 17 (30 balls) with Alex Williams 2no (9 balls)

Matthew Park took 5-56 from 15 overs, Rongsen Jonathan 4-49 off 13.4 and Harry Lee 1-32 from 7

The visitors reply never got off the gound destroyed by Kurtis Watson and Karl Cross, Harry Lee was bowled by Kurtis Watson for 0 (3 balls) 4-1, Darren Nightingale quickley followed lbw to Karl Cross for 4 (8 balls) 8-2

David Batty and Rongsen Jonathan tried to make a stand but with the total 11 Kurtis Watson took two wickets, Jonathan caught by Jacob Wright for 3 (20 balls) 11-3, next ball Oliver Tyson was bowled for 0, 11-4

Kurtis Watson claimed his fourth victim David Batty caught behind by Alex Williams for 5 (32 balls) 16-5, four runs were added when three wickets fell, first Sam Fletcher lbw to Karl Cross for 4 (13 balls), 20-6, next Joseph Dodds lbw ot Kurtis Watson for 0 (3 balls) 20-7 and finally Paul Dodds caught by Karl Cross off Kurtis Watson for 0 (4 balls) 20-8

Andrew Jacques was introduced into the attack and in his second over completed the rout with two wickets in two balls, Chris Miller caught by Karl Cross for 2 (11 balls) 30-9, then next ball Alec Carradus bowled for 0. 30 all out in 19.3 overs with Matthew Park 6no (21 balls)

Kutis Watson had the remarkable figures of 8 overs 10 runs 6 wickets with Karl Cross 2-13 from10 and Andrew Jacues 2-2 off 1.3

Longridge v Chorley

Chorley won the toss at the Newsham Memorial ground and invited the hosts to bat first, Luke Platt and Joshua Mullin opened, Edwin Moulton struck in the first over having Mullin caught behind by Andrew Holdsworth for 0 (1 ball) 1-1

No 3 was James Whitehead, the score was 20 when the hosts lost two wickets, Luke Platt was caught by Joseph Tiffin off Will Moulton for 15 (19 balls) 20-2, James Whitehead followed caught behind by Andrew Holdsworth off Edwin Moulton for 4 (19 balls) 20-3

Zac Christie and Thomas Turner were the new batsmen and they dug in and their stand was 76 when broken by Edwin Moulton catching Thomas Turner off Louis Johnson for 37 (45 balls) 96-4, Christie's next partner was Caleb Bradford, 32 runs were added when Bradford was caught behind by Andrew Holdsworth off Louis Johnson for 0 (20 balls) 128-5

Next in was Rhys Morgan but was soon out caught by Will Moulton off Ian Oakes for 5 (8 balls) 140-6, William Vause joined Christie and all was well until the 42nd over of the innings, Edwin Moulton took wickets with his 2nd fifth and sixth balls

His first wicket was William Vause bowled for 23 (39 balls) 198-7, next Ollie Mullin bowled for 0 (3 balls), 198-9 and next ball Jake Durnell lbw for 0, 198-9, five runs later Keiran McCullagh bowled Matt Greenall for 0 (7 balls) leaving Zac Christie stranded on 98no (116 balls). Longridge were all out for 203 in 45.5 overs

The Chorley wicket takers were Edwin Moulton 5-25 from 9 overs, Louis Johnson 2-43 off 7, Ian Oakes 1-30 from 7, Will Moulton 1-33 from 7 and Keiran McCullagh 1-37 off 8.5

Andrew Holdsworth and Will Moulton opened for the visitors but lost Holdsworth in the seventh over retired hurt for 10 (22 balls), Roshen Silva took his place, the score was 55 when Caleb Bradford claimed two wickets, Will Moulton was bowled for 25 (39 balls) 50-1, two balls later Alexander Howarth was trapped lbw for 0, 55-2

Alfie Dobson joined Silva but was out caught behind by Thomas Turner off Ollie Mullin for 18 (25 balls) 76-3, that was the last success for the hosts as Roshen Silva 98no (129 balls) and Edwin Moulton 42no (91 balls) saw the visitors to close on 207-3 in 51.1 overs

Caleb Bradford took 2-44 from 15 overs and Ollie Mullin 1-21 off 9

Netherfield v Penrith

Netherfield won the toss at Parkside Road and put the visitors in to bat first, Nicky Burns and Asher Hart opened, Hart fell bowled by Louis Backhouse for 1 (15 balls) 11-1

Alister Craig came in at three and batted cautiously but on reaching 6 (31 balls) he was caught by Oli Wileman off John Mason, 32-2, Mohit Kale joined Burns and their partnership was 37 when Burns was caught by Ben Barrow off Samuel Medhurst for 34 (68 balls) 59-3

James Bowman replaced Burns ans with Mohit kept the scoreboard ticking over until on 114 Kale was caught behind by Finlay Richardson off Daniel Bernet for 47 (41 balls) 114-4, Greg Cameron was in next, the introduction of Louis Backhouse back into the attack saw him remove both Bowman and Cameron

He had James Bowman caught by Oli Wileman for 29 (39 balls) 123-5, then Cameron was bowled for 5 (3 balls) 124-6, Samuel Hall and Ollie Greenwood were the new batsmen but Greenwood had only made 4 (22 balls) when he was caught behind by Finlay Richardson off James Price, 141-7

Ben Ellis joined Bowman and they put on 41 before Ellis was bowled by Daniel Bernet for 12 (22 balls) 182-8, James Bowman was run out on the last ball of the innings by Louis Backhouse for 47 (54 balls) resulting in Penrith closing on 190-9 with James Ellis 1no (1 ball)

Louis Backhouse took 3-24 from 10 overs, Daniel Bernet 2-59 off 13, Samuel Medhurst 1-17 from 4, James Price 1-27 off 8 and John Mason 1-32 off 6

The Netherfield reply got off to an unsteady start with Asher Hart taking early wickets, he caught and bowled Ben Barrow for 4 (13 balls) 6-1, then he had Finlay Richardson caught by Ben Ellis for 4 (8 balls) 16-2

Josh Dixon and new batsman James Price began the task of rebuilding the innings, their partnership was 109 when Price was caught by Greg Cameron of Mohit Kale for 65 (78 balls) 125-3, Mohit Kale struck again having Bradley Earl caught by Ollie Greenwood for 2 (6 balls) 129-4.

The pendulum was swinging the visitors way when Asher Hart had Josh Dixon caught behind by Alister Craig for 55 (103 balls) 136-5, Daniel Bernet had a new partner in John Mason but soon lost him bowled by Mohit Kale for 7 (12 balls) 147-6

The game was in the balance with Bernet and Oli Wileman moving the closer to victory until Mohit Kale caught and bowled Bernet for 16 (36 balls) 166-7, Samuel Mehurst was run out by Nicky Burns for 3 (5 balls) 175-8

It was now down to the last over with the hosts requiring 11 runs for victory or the visitors two wickets, Oli Wileman took a run off the first ball then Louis Backhouse then it ball three for 4 and ball four for 6 to claim victory for the hosts on 193-8 in 49.4 overs, Wileman was 22no (34 balls) and Backhouse 10no (6 balls)

The Penrith wicket takers were Mohit Kale 4-39 from 12.4 overs and Asher Hart 3-41 off 13

St Annes v Garstang

St Annes won the toss at Vernon Road in a 98 over match, they made 204-6 in their 49 overs, Ashton Charles top scored with 53 (127 balls) supported by Tom Higson 37, Lukman Vahaluwala 28 (25 balls), Alex Bradley 23 (38 balls) Nathan Bend 20 (18 balls) and Harry Birkman 21no (15 balls)

For Garstang Danny Gilbert took 3-62 from 15 overs, Rizwan Patel 2-43 off 7 and Anthony Joel Derham 1-35 from 10

In reply Garstang claimed victory on 205-5 in 46.3overs with Punit Bisht 108no (88 balls) with Michael Walling 26 (66 balls), Mark Walling 26 (58 balls) and Michael Wellings 24 (54 balls)

Lukman Vahaluwala took 3-35 from 13 overs with Tom Higson 1-52 off 15

Vernon Carus v Lancaster

Vernon Carus won the toss at the Vernon Carus Sports and Social club and invited the visitors to bat first, Faizan Khan and Eddie Steinson opened but were parted when Steinson was caught by Matthew Stevenson off Matthew Timms for 3 (13 balls) 12-1

Irfan Khan was in at three, they were keeping the scorboard ticking over when they lost three quick wickets, Faizan Khan was run out by Wes Royle for 8 (36 balls) 33-2, Irfan Khan followed caught behind by Jack Airey off Matthew Timms for 18 (25 balls) 34-3, then Jamie Heywood was caught by Kasun Ekanayake Mudiyanselage off Jacob Holland for 0 (9 balls) 35-4

Jack Lord and Steven Fisher battled to rebuild the innings but on 47 Lord was bowled by Matthew Timms for 5 (37 balls) 47-5, Kieran Moffat replaced Lord but was out bowled by Scott Fisher for 12 (7 balls), 60-6

Scott Fisher claimed his second wicket Steven Fisher caught by Kasun Ekanayake Mudiyanselage for 8 (28 balls) 65-7, David Steinson and Lee Marshall continued the fight, Marshall was next out bowled by Max Livesey for 8 (16 balls) 84-8

David Steinson 21 (18 balls) became Max Livesey's second victim caught by Jacob Holland, 93-9. The end came with Jacob Holland bowling Lee Sparks for 0 (2 balls) as the visitors were 97 all out in 32.2 overs with Scott Sparks 8no (10 balls)

The wickets were shared by the Host's bowlers, Matthew Timms 3-38 from 15, Max Livesey 2-9 off 2, Jacob Holland 2-15 from 11.2 and Scott Fisher 2-31 off 5

In reply the hosts got off to a disastrous start losing four quick wickets, openers Wes Royle 0 (3 balls) was caught behind by Lee Sparks off Kieran Moffat, 0-1, Matthew Stevenson 4 (8 balls) caught by Kieran Moffat off Irfan Khan, 4-2, Irfan Khan four balls later trapped Christian Ash lbw for 0 4-3

James Rigby joined Kasun Ekanayake Mudiyanselage but was quickly out caught behind by Lee Sparks off Kieran Moffat for 1 (3 balls) 9-4, Jack Airey was next to partner Kasun Ekanayake Mudiyanselage and they took the score to 36 when Rigby was caught by Jack Lord off Irfan Khan for 7 (33 balls) 34-5

That was the last success for the visitors as Ben Duerden swung the game to the hosts with 45no (28 balls) hitting eight fours with Kasun Ekanayake Mudiyanselage 34no (62 balls) they claimed the clubs first victory in the Northern Premier League reaching 99-5 in 23.2 overs

For Lancaster Irfan Khan took 3-37 from 11 overs and Kieran Moffat 2-38 off 10


Fulwood & Broughton v Blackpool

Fulwood & Broughton (12 pts) winning draw Blackpool (4 pt)

Fulwood & Broughton 202 (Matthew Smith 74, Sonal Dinusha 66, Dylan Henshall 5-45), Blackpool 147-9 (Dylan Henshall 49 Sonal Dinusha 4-42)

Leyland v Kendal

Leyland (15 pts) defeated Kendal (3 pts) by 146 runs

Leyland 176 (Nasir Nawaz 60, Matthew Park 5-56, Ronsen Jonathan 4-49), Kendal 30 (Kurtis Watson 6-10)

Longridge v Chorley

Chorley (15 pts) defeated Longridge (3 pts) by 7 wickets

Longridge 203 (Zac Christie 98, Edwin Moulton 5-25), Chorley 207-3 (Roshen Silva 98no, Edwin Moulton 42no)

Netherfield v Penrith

Netherfield (15 pts) defeated Penrith (4 pts) by 2 wickets

Penrith 190-9 (Mohit Kale 47, Samuel Hall 47), Netherfield 193-8 (James Price 65, Josh Dixon 55, Mohit Kale 4-39)

St Annes v Garstang

Garstang (15 pts) defeated St Annes (4 pts) by 5 wickets

St Annes 204-6 (Ashton Charles 53), Garstang 205-5 (Punit Bisht 108no)

Vernon Carus v Kendal

Vernon Carus (15 pts) defeated Lancaster (1 pt) by 5 wickets

Lancaster 97, Vernon Carus 99-5 (Ben Duerden 45no)


Club P W15 D6 T D1 D0 L NR5 BP Pen Pts
Garstang 10 7 2 0 0 0 1 0 13 0 130
Longridge 10 6 1 0 0 0 3 0 12 0 108
Blackpool 9 6 0 0 1 0 1 1 4 0 100
Chorley 10 6 0 0 2 0 2 0 8 0 100
St Annes 10 5 0 0 2 0 3 0 16 0 93
Fulwood & Broughton 10 3 3 0 1 0 3 0 29 0 93
Netherfield 10 4 1 0 0 0 4 1 17 0 88
Kendal 10 4 0 0 0 0 6 0 7 0 67
Leyland 10 3 0 0 0 0 7 0 18 0 63
Penrith 10 3 0 0 0 0 7 0 17 0 62
Lancaster 10 3 0 0 0 0 7 0 13 0 58
Vernon Carus 9 1 0 0 0 1 7 0 10 0 25




First Match - 23rd April 2022

Last Match - 10th September 2022

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