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The Roger Harrison Archive



Divisions 1 & 2

Division One


Date Club Score Result Club Score Scorecard
22nd April Netherfield 145 lost to Blackpool 146-8 Click Here
29th April Lancaster 154 lost to Netherfield 156-2 Click Here
6th May Netherfield 191-3 beat Fleetwood 187 Click Here
20th May Penrith 142 lost to Netherfield 146-2 Click Here
27th May Netherfield
Abandoned Kendal 44-1 Click Here
Monday 29th May Preston 133 lost to Netherfield 135-3 Click Here
3rd June Netherfield 144-2 beat Leyland 142 Click Here
10th June Chorley
Abandoned Netherfield 14-1 Click Here
17th June Netherfield 128-3 beat St Annes 125 Click Here
24th June Netherfield 149-3 beat Morecambe 148 Click Here
1st July Barrow 60 lost to Netherfield 61-2 Click Here
8th July Netherfield 235 beat Lancaster 48 Click Here
15th July Fleetwood 152-8 drew with Netherfield 180 Click Here
22nd July Netherfield 132 beat Penrith 123 Click Here
29th July Netherfield 75-5 beat Preston 73 Click Here
5th August Leyland 83 lost to Netherfield 85-1 Click Here
12th August Netherfield 80-3 beat Chorley 77 Click Here
19th August St Annes 141-9 lost to Netherfield 142-3 Click Here
26th August Kendal 74 lost to Netherfield 136 Click Here
Monday 28th August Morecambe 75 lost to Netherfield 94 Click Here
2nd September Netherfield 167-2 beat Barrow 162 Click Here
9th September Blackpool
Abandoned Netherfield

Division Two


Date Club Score Result Club Score Scorecard
22nd April Blackpool 157-5 beat Netherfield 95 Click Here
29th April Netherfield 206-2 beat Lancaster 202-7 Click Here
6th May Fleetwood 192-9 beat Netherfield 191 Click Here
20th May Netherfield 145-1 beat Penrith 144-9 Click Here
27th May Kendal
Abandoned Netherfield

Monday 29th May Netherfield 186-4 beat Preston 136 Click Here
3rd June Leyland 84-3 beat Netherfield 80 Click Here
10th June Netherfield
Abandoned Chorley

17th June St Annes 159-7 drew with Netherfield 156-9 Click Here
24th June Morecambe 45 lost to Netherfield 210-6 Click Here
1st July Netherfield 207-2 dec beat Barrow 44 Click Here
8th July Lancaster 140-8 lost to Netherfield 141-3 Click Here
15th July Netherfield
Abandoned Fleetwood

22nd July Penrith
Abandoned Netherfield

29th July Preston 51 lost to Netherfield 109 Click Here
5th August Netherfield 131-7 drew with Leyland 100-9 Click Here
12th August Chorley 121-9 lost to Netherfield 122-6 Click Here
19th August Netherfield 145-6 beat St Annes 144-4 Click Here
26th August Netherfield 118-7 drew with Kendal 168-6 Click Here
Monday 28th August Netherfield 51-1 beat Morecambe 50 Click Here
2nd September Barrow 71 lost to Netherfield 72-1 Click Here
9th September Netherfield
Abandoned Blackpool

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