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Captains Report - This form should be sent in anytime but no later than the Midnight Monday after the match (Midnight Tuesday for Sunday fixtures)
to the following email address:

Select Competition

Match Date

Day Month

Home Team v - Away Team

Captains Name and Team

Please show performance in each category
1= Poor 2= Unsatisfactory 3= Competent 4= Good 5= Excellent
Umpire's Name Umpire's Name
Communication - players and colleagues Communication - players and colleagues
Control of match Control of match
Control of players Control of players
Decision making Decision making
Positioning and signals Positioning and signals
Overall Mark Overall Mark

If either umpire has a score of 1 or 2 in any category please give reasons below

When completing the Captains Report please take into account the notes shown below:
-Captains should be objective when completing the Report. It is designed so that the overall performance of the umpire can be assessed and not just the decision making.
The information supplied helps with the development of umpires and improve their performance. Where umpires gain low marks in any category then this information may be used to provide further guidance or training.
At the end of the season the marks are used to 'grade' umpires locally, are supplied to the ECB to assist in the further development of umpires and to make regional and national appointments.

Communication - players and colleagues - did the umpire?

* Communicate effectively with the captains, players, with his colleague and the scorers during the match?

* Conduct a pre-match discussion prior to the toss?

* Obtain team sheets and match balls?

* With colleague, raise any issues related to the match with the captains including 'Spirit of Cricket'?

* Have a polite and friendly attitude

Control of the match - did the umpire?

* Ensure that the timings for the match and intervals were followed

* Ensure covers were used, if required

* Involve his colleague when it was necessary to speak to either captain

* Interpret ground, weather and lights issues effectively

* Have a confident and positive manner

Control of the players - did the umpire?

* Deal effectively with any potential conflict situation

* Use common sense when dealing with players

* Allow the match to be played but have an appropriate level of intervention

* Apply the Laws of the Game, Spirit of Cricket and Disciplinary Sanctions effectively

Decision Making - did the umpire?

* So far as you are aware, apply the Laws of Cricket correctly when making decisions

* Consider appeals in a calm and confident manner

* Make decisions consistently throughout the match

* Consult his colleague where necessary

* Have a consistent interpretation of wide balls, leg byes and no balls

Positioning and Signals - did the umpire?

* Give signals to the scorer and receive a response

* Get into position, at either end, in order to make correct decisions for no-balls, run outs or short runs

* If utilised, manage a runner for an injured batsman effectively

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