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The Readers Twenty/20 Cup shall be played in accordance with ECB Natwest Twenty/20 Competition Rules and Regulations unless they are replaced or amended by specific rules mentioned below.

At the time of writing the 2018 Rules and Regulations had not been published.

These will be posted in due course on the NPCL website www.northerncricketleague.org.uk.

1 - Eligibility

All players must be registered by the club with the NPCL and must not have played for another club in any other adult Saturday League in the current season unless officially transferred to an NPCL club.

The Club Professional and Overseas players is eligible to play.

2 - Twenty/20 Cup Format

The Competition will be played in four groups of 3 clubs as follows:

North 1 - Barrow, Netherfield, Penrith

North 2 - Morecambe, Garstang, Fulwood & Broughton

South 1 - Blackpool, Fleetwood, St Annes

South 2 - Chorley, Leyland, Preston

Group matches will be played on a specific Saturday or Sunday with no reserve date.

Each club shall host the other clubs in their group on a 'Round Robin' basis.

The host club plays the remaining clubs in their group on the same day.

The Round Robin dates for the 2018 season are as follows:

Sunday 6 May
Hosts: - Penrith, Garstang, Blackpool, Chorley

Sunday 27 May
Hosts: - Barrow, Fulwood & Broughton, Fleetwood, Leyland

Sunday 17 June
Hosts: - Netherfield, Morecambe, St Annes, Preston

Points will be awarded as follows: 2 points for a win 1 point for an uncompleted match

The Group Winners shall be the teams with the most points at the end of the 'Round Robin' stage.

In the event of a tie the winning team shall be the club with the highest net run rate over the whole of the group stage.

The 4 winners will go forward to the 'Finals Day'.

A draw of the 4 winning clubs shall take place to determine which club will host the Finals Day.

Finals Day for the 2018 season are as follows: Sun 1 July Sun 15 July (reserve date) 3 Additional T20 Rules

Any Club or Team failing to fulfil a fixture shall be subject to a fine of £200 payable to the NPCL within 14 days and a 15 point deduction of League points.

They shall also be responsible for any costs incurred by the host Club either by way of travelling expenses, Umpire's expenses, or catering costs.

Clubs may consider the deduction of League points for a Cup competition to be harsh.

However, the NLEC consider that Clubs must be discouraged from failing to fulfil a fixture even if they consider they have no chance of progressing in the competition as this would be a great dis-service to the host Club in the Round Robin stage.

In the Round Robin stages matches shall commence at 12.00 noon and 3.30 pm.

On Finals Day matches shall commence at 11.00 am, 2.00 pm, and 5.00 pm.

The scores must be entered on www.play-cricket.com by 12.00 midnight and scorecards must also be entered on www.play-cricket.com within 24 hours of completion of the last game by the host Club.

Coloured clothing shall be worn.

A match shall be deemed to be uncompleted where there has been no play or the side batting second has received less than 5 overs.

In the event of bad weather preventing play or completion of the match there shall not be a 'bowl out' to determine the result unless otherwise stated in these rules and the match shall be declared an uncompleted match.

In the Round Robin stage each side shall receive 1 point in an uncompleted match.

Net run rate in an uncompleted match shall not count towards the calculation of the net run rate over the whole of the Round Robin stage

Net run rate is defined as follows: the difference between your run rate and the opposition's run rate i.e. the runs scored per over minus the runs conceded per over.

Apart from uncompleted matches (see above) the net run rate is calculated over all the games in the Round Robin stage on a cumulative basis.

Round Robin stage and Finals Day: In the event of the side in the first innings batting for longer than the side in the second innings the target score shall be decided by average run rate based on the number of legitimate balls faced.

Delete Natwest Rule 10.2-10.5, BUT 10.5.1-10.5.14 re: 'one over per side eliminator' shall apply except in 10.5.11 where the words '...if the original match was a tie under the D/L method, clause 10.3.13 immediately applies. Otherwis... shall be deleted i.e. 10.5.11 shall read for this purpose

'in the event of the teams having the same score after the one over per side eliminator has been completed the team whose batsmen hit the most number of boundaries combined from its two innings in both the main match and in the one over per side eliminator shall be the winner'.

The result of a completed match on the first Finals Day shall stand. An uncompleted match on the First Finals Day shall be played on the reserve Finals Day.

If there is an uncompleted match on the reserve Finals Day the result shall be determined by a 'bowl out'.

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