Match Day 5th June 2010
Leyland v St Annes
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Luis Reece pulls Ben Willis for 4
Luis Reece nearly bowled by Ben Willis
Andy Kellett celebrates catching Chris Parkinson
Luis Reece sweeping
Tom Foster edges the ball just wide of slip
Nathan Bolus to Luis Reece
Atiq Uz Zaman bowling
Brett Pelser plays the ball square on the off side
Brett Pelser plays another ball square
David Bartholomew bowling
Brett Pelser hits David Bartholomew for 6
Dinuka Hettiarachchi
Brett Pelser hits Dinuka Hettiarachchi square
Dinuka Hettiarachchi
David Bartholomew takes a C&B to dismiss Brett Pelser
Dinuka Hettiarachchi
James Rounding driving down the ground
James Rounding attacks the ball
Atiq Uz Zaman driving
Chris Parkinson catching Atiq Uz Zaman
Atiq leaves the field after being out caught
Charles Boucher plays it square of the wicket
Another square shot from Charles Boucher
Leyland Captain David Makinson
Charles Boucher plays it sqare on the leg side
Luis Reece
Luis Reece to Russ Bradley
Russ Bradley playing square to the wicket
Russ Bradley driving
David Bartholomew bowled by Luis Reece
Nathan Bolus plays Luis Reece square of the wicket
Handshakes all round after a tremendous game of cricket
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