Match Day 4th September 2010
Chorley v Barrow
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Greg Platten
Jonathan Miles plays carefully
Greg Platten prepares to play his shot
Jonathan Miles bowled by Keiran McCullagh
Greg Platten hooks Billy Smith for six
Pasan Wanasinghe
Greg Patten hits out
Jim Lee bowls to Liam Livingstone
Pasan Wanasinghe plays the ball behind square on the off side
Liam Livingstone drives Jim Lee on the off side
Pasan Wanasinghe departs after being caught by Keiran McCullagh off Gaurav Dhar
A copy book forward defensive from Darren Clark
Jim Lee hit square by Liam Livingstone
Darren Clark turns the ball to leg
Liam Livinstone playing on the back foot
Darren Clark strikes the ball behind square
Liam Livingstone plays the ball through mid wicket
Darren Clark on the run but he is given out LBW to Gaurav Dhar
Chris D'Leny awaits the ball from Gaurav Dhar
The ball drops short of Kieran McCullagh from a Liam Livingstone edge
Up, Up and away from Chris D'Leny
An anxious Liam Livingstone getting the edge off Jim Lee's bowling
Alex Weetman on his kness after missing an edge off Chris D'Leny
Gaurav Dhar Chorleys sub pro
Liam Livingstone goes thr aerial route against Gaurav Dhar
Robert Lightfoot prepares to defend on the front foot
Daryl Wearing bowled by Gaurav Dhar
James Reynard turns the ball to leg
Graham Dawson bowling to Jack Catterall
Gaurav Dhar plays Graham Dawson
Michael Critchley facing Graham Dawson
Gaurav Dhar on the attack
Liam Livingstone holds his head as Michael Critchley gets an inside edge
Liam Livingstone bowls to Gaurav Dhar
Michael Critchley swings at Gary Collins
Will Moulton bowled by Pasan Wanasinghe
Alex Weetman strikes out at Graham Dawson
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