Match Day 31st July 2010
Chorley v Leyland
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Chorley Sub pro Andrea Agathageloub 7-23
Luis Reece on the attack off Kieron Mc Cullagh
Chris Parkinson lets the ball go from Jim Lee
Jim Lee to Luis Reece
A watchful Leyland batsman awaiting a ball  from Andrea Agathageloub
The ball is on its way
Kieron McCullagh to Chris Parkinson
Billy Smith
Chris Parkinson
A watchful Henry Thompson
Brett Pelser plays the ball square on the off side
Wicketkeeper Alex Weetman and batsman Andrew Makinson
A joyous Kireon MCCullagh after catching Nathan McDonnell
Alex Weetman nearly stumps Andrew Makinson
Brett Pelser appeals for a catch behind against Jack Catterall
Luis Reece to Jack Catterall
Brett Pelser
Chorley scorer Dave Hindle takes a break
Leyland captain David Makinson takes  8-17
Peter Cummings hands the ball to Brett Pelser
A diving Andrew Makinson just fails to take the catch
Andrew Holdsworth LBW to David Makinson
David Makinson to Billy Smith has Matthew Watkinson scrambling
An anxious Billy Smith
Leyland celebrate the fall of a last man Chris Harty
David Makinson celebrates taking the last wicket Chris Harty LBW
The Leyland team ecstatic and the skipper does a jig
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