Match Day 28th August 2010
Barrow v Fleetwood
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The Pavillion at Barrow CC
Pasan Wanasinghe bowls to Matthew Clark
Matthew Frith plays the ball back down the wicket
Matthew Clark defends
Matthew Frith prepares to defend on the front foot
Chris D'Leny's attempted stumping of Matthew Clark
A big appeal by Graham Dawson against Dean Bell
Dean Bell drives through the covers
Michael Clinning plays the ball square
Matthew Frith shoulders arms and his bowled
Mathhew Frith departs
Dean Bell hears the death rattle
The Bowler Pasan Wanasinghe, The batsman Mark Wilkinson and the keeper Chris D'Leny
Graham Dawson
Daryl Wearing bowls to Mark Wilkinson
Chris D'Leny
Mark Wilkinson on the attack
Adam Shorrocks defends against Graham Dawson
Graham Dawson
Mark Wilkinson strikes the ball through the covers
Adam Shorrocks waits for the delivery from Gary Collins
Mark Wilkinson drives through the off side
Adam Shorrocks sweeps Gary Collins
Chris Stanhope driving the ball down the ground
Gary Collins bowls to Adam Shorrocks
Ryan Smith plays the ball behind the wicket
A Fleetwood team talk
Greg Platten turns the ball to leg
Joe Bell attempts to run out Greg Platten
Greg Platten moves to defend on the back foot
Fleetwood wicketkeeper Dean Bell
Greg Platten on tip toes to play the ball
Liam Livingstone leaves the field after being bowled by Matthew Frith
Darren Clark lets the ball go
Sam Bell Bowls To Chris D'Leny
Darren Clark bowled by Sam Bell
Sam Bell bowls Iain Kermode
A Fleetwood huddle at the fall of a wicket
Robert Lightfoot prepares to play the ball from Sam Bell
Sam Bell 6-47
Matthew Frith bowling to Robert Lightfoot
Daryl Wearing swings out at Sam Bell
Gary Collins hits out
Dary Wearing out bowled by Ryan Smith
Gary Collins bowled by Matthew Frith
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