Match Day 22nd August 2010
Readers Cup Final - Morecambe v Darwen
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Jordan Clarke defends against Mandla Mashimbyi
Mohammad Zaman Khan hits the ball to Mark Woodhead who takes the catch
A dejected Mohammad Zaman Khan leaves the field after being caught by Mark Woodhead
Mandla Mashimbyi bowls to Jordan Clarke
A watchful Jordan Clarke<
Alex Davies playing the ball through square leg
Jordan Clarke guides the ball on the off side
Graeme Cassidy bowling to Alex Davies
Jordan Clarke on the back foot hitting the ball through mid-wicket
Neil Cordingley plays the ball on the off side
Alex Davies on the backfoot plays the ball on the off side
Neil Cordingley guides the ball backward of square
Batsman Alex Davies and wicktkeeper Lewis Edge
Neil Cordingley hits the ball through the covers
Alex Davies watches the ball from Tommy Clough
Neil Cordingley on the attack
John Cordingley drives down the ground
Ikram Ullah awaits the ball from Kamran Anwar
Kamran Anwar bowling to Mark Woodhead
Ikram Ullah strikes the ball on the off side
Phillip Dennison
Ikram Ullah plays the ball behind square
Phiilip Dennison pulls the ball to the leg side
Mandla Mashimbyi gets in a big stride
Chris Williams attacks the ball
Mandla Mashimbyi awaits the next ball
Nathan Jackson keeping his eye on the ball
Nathan Jackson takes the catch to dismiss Ryan Smith
Mandla Mashimbyi on the attack
Lewis Edge plays the ball behind square on the off side
Mandla Mashimbyi plays the ball behind the wicket
A prostrate Mandla Mashimbyi after being  run out by a direct hit
The happy Darwen team gather after Mandla Mashimbyi's run out
A dejected Mandla Mashimbyi leaves the field
The players take a drink
Tommy Clough turns the ball on the leg side
A jubilant Kamran Anwar on taking the catch to dismiss Tommy Clough
Neil Pullen from Readers and League Chairman Norman Poole present the Readers Cup to John Cordingley
Man of the Match Neil Cordingley receives his award from League President Brian Standing
A proud Neil Cordingley with his Man Of The Match Award
A Darwen team photograph after winning the Readers Cup
This is how they really feel after winning the Readers Cup
The celebrations begin
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