Match Day 12th June 2010
Carnforth v Chorley
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Carnforth Cricket ground
Carnforth Cricket ground
Jack Catterall gets a edge
Jack Catterall caught by Gareth Pedder off Darren Nelson
Bradley Hoyle
Ian Oakes plays a straight bat
James Reynard plays forward
A watchful James Reynard
Darren Nelson to James Reynard
Jon-Jon Smuts  goes on the back foot
Jon-Jon attacks on the legside
Jon-Jon Smuts  swings the ball to leg
Jon-Jon plays on the back foot through the covers
Jon-Jon goes over the top
Jon-Jon hits a 6 on the legside
Jon-Jon plays the ball square
A watchful Jon-Jon
Jon-Jon Smuts drives Gareth Pedder
Jon-Jon Smuts hits John Denwood for 6
Jon-Jon hits Darren Nelson for 6
Jon-Jon hits Darren Nelson for another 6
Jon-Jon hits Darren Nelson for  6 no 3
Jon-Jon hits Darren Nelson for 6 no 4
Jon-Jon hits Darren Nelson for 6 no 5
Kieran McCullagh guides the ball for a single
Jon-Jon Smuts plays the ball to Gareth Pedder
Jon-Jon Smuts drives John Denwood down the ground
Jon-Jon Smuts plays Darren Nelson straight to reach his century
Jon-Jon Smuts acknowledges the applause
Jon-Jon turns to his team mates
End of the innings, Darren Nelson takes his cap and Jon-Jon Smuts prepares to return to the pavillion
John Denwood, Jon-Jon Smuts, Ryan Nelson and Kieran McCullagh
Adam Hornby congratulates Jon-Jon on his innings
Jon-Jon Smuts with Kieran McCullagh
Jon-Jon And Kieran returning to the pavillion
Tom Barnfield LBW to Billy Smith
Ryan Nelson awaits the next delivery
Ryan Nelson plays the ball on the legside
Kieran McCullagh celebrates after catching Darren Moore
Kieran McCullagh
Bradley Holye gets an edge
Jon-Jon Smuts bowling
Will Moulton catching Ryan Nelson
Billy Smith
Will Moulton takes the catch
The Chorley slip cordon
Looking for the catch
John Denwood batting
Jon-Jon Smuts
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