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Northern League
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Divisions 1 & 2

Division One


Date Club Score Result Club Score Scorecard
22nd April Chorley 137-6 beat Fleetwood 133 Click Here
29th April Fleetwood 241-7 beat St Annes 185 Click Here
6th May Netherfield 191-3 beat Fleetwood 187 Click Here
20th May Fleetwood 181 lost to Barrow 196 Click Here
27th May Blackpool 235-8 drew with Fleetwood 169-9 Click Here
Monday 29th May Fleetwood 144 beat Lancaster 109 Click Here
3rd June Morecambe 94 lost to Fleetwood 95-3 Click Here
10th June Penrith
Abandoned Fleetwood

17th June Fleetwood 152 beat Kendal 117 Click Here
24th June Preston 114 beat Fleetwood 91 Click Here
1st July Fleetwood 184 drew with Leyland 67-6 Click Here
8th July St Annes 161-7 beat Fleetwood 158 Click Here
15th July Fleetwood 152-8 drew with Netherfield 180 Click Here
22nd July Barrow 133 lost to Fleetwood 136-2 Click Here
29th July Lancaster 107 lost to Fleetwood 108-4 Click Here
5th August Fleetwood 88 lost to Morecambe 89-3 Click Here
12th August Fleetwood 200 lost to Penrith 233 Click Here
19th August Kendal 88-5 Abandoned Fleetwood
Click Here
26th August Fleetwood 82 lost to Blackpool 122 Click Here
Monday 28th August Fleetwood 303-7 beat Preston 151 Click Here
2nd September Leyland 130-7 beat Fleetwood 95 Click Here
9th September Fleetwood
Abandoned Chorley

Division Two


Date Club Score Result Club Score Scorecard
22nd April Fleetwood 141 lost to Chorley 196-4 Click Here
29th April St Annes 213-8 drew with Fleetwood 229-5 Click Here
6th May Fleetwood 192-9 beat Netherfield 191 Click Here
20th May Barrow 107 beat Fleetwood 99 Click Here
27th May Fleetwood 214-3 drew with Blackpool 118-9 Click Here
Monday 29th May Lancaster
Abandoned Fleetwood

3rd June Fleetwood 181-6 beat Morecambe 88 Click Here
10th June Fleetwood
Abandoned Penrith

17th June Kendal 100 lost to Fleetwood 163-9 Click Here
24th June Fleetwood 88-1 beat Preston 87 Click Here
1st July Fleetwood 184 drew with Leyland 67-6 Click Here
8th July Fleetwood 199-3 drew with St Annes 187-7 Click Here
15th July Netherfield
Abandoned Fleetwood

22nd July Fleetwood 58-0 beat Barrow 57 Click Here
29th July Fleetwood 58-1 beat Lancaster 55 Click Here
5th August Morecambe 78 lost to Fleetwood 79-5 Click Here
12th August Penrith 86-7 lost to Fleetwood 87-1 Click Here
19th August Fleetwood 188-4 beat Kendal 127 Click Here
26th August Blackpool 65-3 beat Fleetwood 64 Click Here
Monday 28th August Preston 18 lost to Fleetwood 185-7 Click Here
2nd September Fleetwood 165 lost to Leyland 218-7 Click Here
9th September Chorley
Abandoned Fleetwood

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